Testimonials and reviews from our Satisfied Student Drivers

  • LearnFDS is the best driving school around. My instructor was very patient and took his time showing me how to really handle a vehicle. Learning the rules of the road from someone with so much experience gave me the confidence I needed to be able to take the wheel firmly in both hands and let things flow. Thanks for the riveting lessons, especially the ones where I learned how to drive stick which will make me a more versatile driver; not just here but abroad!


  • To all the people at LearnFDS, keep up the great work! I just passed my driving exam on the first try and I couldn’t have done it without you. My teacher was a revelation! So patient and knowledgeable; he showed me amazing behind the wheel techniques to handle whatever got thrown my way. From parking in tight spaces to being stuck in thick bumper to bumper traffic, we did it all. Most importantly he taught me how to always be in control and stay between the lines at a variety of speeds. Your driving school shows students the big picture while never overlooking any vital minute details.


  • Dear LearnFDS, just dropping you this line because you went above and beyond what I expected from a driving school. The care and enthusiasm my instructor showed was incredible and brought out the best in me each and every time. I almost wish I had failed my driving exam just so I could come back to you for more “hands-on” training! I’d remain a student forever…


  • First of all a huge thanks to everyone at LearnFDS. I just passed my driving exam and I couldn’t have done it without the guidance and care shown by my very capable driving instructor. Let’s just say that he knew how to get the very best out of me during our productive lessons! This is a reflection of how great an environment your school creates for a student to reach their full potential. I’ll definitely send some referrals your way for the full treatment!

    Crystal Coxxx

  • Just wanted to send this message of gratitude for the incredible driving lessons I had at LearnFDS. Not only did I learn how to drive but I gained so much confidence as a person. The driving instructor motivated me in ways I didn’t think possible. Taking the bull by the horns and pushing myself to try new things is why I wanted to get my license and in turn it has helped me expand my horizons in more ways than one. Who would have thought that signing up to your incredible school would have enriched my life so much?!

    Ella Hughes