Zara DuRose

Birth Place: United Kingdom

Described by her instructor as an easy student, poised and proper Londoner Zara Durose is an exceptionally disciplined learner. Always cognizant of her LearnFDS instructor's needs, she's adept at taking cues, putting people at ease, and respecting other people's boundaries. And despite her considerable beauty, the natural redhead dresses moderately, wears little makeup, and always sports a bright, innocent smile. But Zara's sweetheart demeanor is just a face she shows the world. In her private life, the hot ginger's natural dominance has taken her into the scintillating underworld of BDSM, where her discipline and boundary play takes on whole new meaning! Zara enjoys tantalizing her instructor with stories of her hardcore extracurricular activities, even to the detriment of her lessons, and is more than willing to use her feminine wiles to advance to her driving test! Let's hope this complicated beauty can keep her eye on the prize, and make a success of her FakeDrivingSchool experience!

Driving Classes featuring Zara DuRose