Marc Rose

Birth Place: United Kingdom

Marc Rose is a stand-up guy with years of experience teaching young Britons how to drive stick. A perfect addition to FakeDrivingSchool! Now in the role of Driving Examiner, Marc has the kind of steady hand and calm demeanor to get students through their driving tests with ease the first time around--perfect for all those nervous Nellies whose palms are sweating as they take the wheel on their big day! But it's not always fun and games in the car with this tall, handsome Brit. If Marc gets a whiff of uncertainty from a student, he's on full alert, and will take safety into consideration over the student's needs. Marc believes in playing by the rules, and keeping the community safe. Only if he's feeling particularly generous or has a special reason will he bend the rules, and then, only a little!

Driving Classes featuring Marc Rose